Friday, August 29, 2008

A Right To Be Nervous

Watching McCain hover over Palin during the announcement was painful. He seemed terrified that it could all collapse at any moment. It was the same look I get when the Boy climbs around on the monkey bars - "Dear God, don't let him fall."

It's extraordinarily interesting that on his 72nd birthday, a day that serves to accentuate the fact that he would be the oldest citizen elected to a first term as president; a day that follows a month of reiterations regarding his five years in a prison camp that no doubt left a lingering and substantial pall over his health; a day following a primary campaign where even Fox News has referred to his numerous senior moments -- yes, on that very day he announces a running mate - a person potentially one heartbeat away from the presidency - whose resume is so short she has to boast of lowering property taxes in Wasilla Alaska when introduced to the American public.

Yeah, he could have choosen credentialed and vetted veterans like Condi Rice or Kay Bailey Hutchison; women who have, whether or not you agree with them, earned their stripes. Instead, McCain liked the former beauty queen/hockey mom.
To steal Curry's latest twitter:
McCain/MILF '08!

Actually, hooray for the Republicans. They are about to nominate their first woman for VP and that is a great step forward. They are progressing.
So, let's see... Geraldine Ferrarro '84 - Sarah Palin '08
That means the Party of Lincoln should nominate its first African-American for President in 2032. Way to go, GOP!!

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