Monday, April 5, 2010

The Dream (un)Deterred

The Boy has big plans. He informs us of them regularly. His plan to become a songwriter remains in effect, but he's added the vocation of beekeeper to that. His spare time will be spent teaching doctors how to give shots. He will own a castle in San Francisco, the bottom floor of which will be devoted to an eating establishment that will sell "popcorn pizza" exclusively.

Big Dreams.

He informed us last night that he also intends to have five offspring (brave, naive kid), divided into 3 girls and 2 boys. "I have a plan," says he.

In case you're all wondering, he added that he already has names for these future spawn. For the girls: "I Love You, Dearly", "Easter Bunny" and "Tabitha"; for the boys it's been decided - "Charlie Brown" and "The Rookie".

Isn't life simple when you're five?