Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Wow! Long time no blog.

We have been busy over the last two weeks since returning from the SF. In our ever more futile effort to make do with our limited bedrooms we performed the "Great Bedroom Swap" last week, giving the kids our "master" bedroom and taking theirs in return. Our old one is about 30% larger than the kids' old one and since all three offspring will soon be sharing one room it seemed logical. Both bedrooms are larger than average (the house, although only 2 BR, is nearly 2000 sq ft) so we aren't all that cramped in our new space and the kids have more room to spread out.

The Boy got his new bunkbed, which is pretty good looking and solid as a rock. It is currently in its loft configuration which will allow the crib to slip in below once the baby gets booted from our room (soon, soon). Once the baby is ready for a big bed the lower bunk will be installed and she will be de-cribbed.

In the meantime, the Girl has moved to the Boy's old big bed and is pleased as punch. All grown up and no longer trapped, she has adapted without a hitch.

Both the Girl's bed and the Boy's bunkbed are made by Argington and though hardly inexpensive they are built to last and look great. With luck they'll hold up well into the kids' late teens.

As for the grown-ups, we're adjusting to the move to our new, less spacious, surroundings. We have accepted the deal - what choice did we have?

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Stephanie Crocker said...

Hi Lex!

I just thought I should be good and finally post to my blog, and then think I should see if I have any comments, I never get comments, and there you are.

I suppose we have a lot to catch up from since your trek to New Mexico so many years ago!