Saturday, February 27, 2010


A little late in the day with this but went out to breakfast and had to buy a lawnmower so, bloggus interuptus.

The second birthday in three days for our brood (tis the season here - the Boy has one coming up as well). The Girl is three today!

For some strange reason it feels to me as if she has been three for a while. Not for her though: she is proud of the fact, even if she can't get her fingers to display the proper count.

The angry photo is not so much an insult to her as it is a display of her classic emotional state. She is just mad or sad more frequently than the other two. And, to be honest, she is just so cute when she's pissed.

Happy Birthday, Little Girl. Daddy loves you... even when you're steamed.

And a Happy Birthday to RC as well, sharer of this birthday, though not birth year.


Blaize said...

Happy Birthday. And you're right: she's really cute when she's pissed off.

rhonanon said...

What an adorably indignant girl!