Wednesday, August 18, 2010

T and A

The Boy got his tonsils and adenoids yanked yesterday. It had to be done. Although he hadn't suffered chronic infections, the glands were so naturally large they interferred with his breathing leading to apnea.

He took it like a trooper. He was understandably nervous and the surgery center was a bit intimidating for him.

When the doc came out to let me know how it went he said that based on the size of the tonsils and adenoids he suspected that the Boy's breathing had probably only been 50% effective. When the anesthesiologist intubated him he commented to the surgeon: "Wow! I can see why you're taking them out."

Freaky kid.

One of the things I never knew is that kids don't come out of anesthesia well. They scream and kick and flail. There was actually a drug protocol just for kids who are "agitated." The nurse said that effect continues into the teens and that can be hard to handle. The Boy lived up to that billing and it was not pleasant at all.

When he recovered finally we headed home for a couple of weeks of R&R (for him.) He dug the jello and sherbert and seemed fine. But about two hours into his afternoon of movies and soft foods he suddenly started hiving over his face, developed a fever and got seriously groggy - unable to stand.

I called the doc and was told to drag him back. They checked him over looking for any reason for the change. Eventually the hives (or just seriously fluching) subsided, his fever dropped, and he returned to his senses. No one could explain it. The best explanation was a possible allergic reaction though he had taken nothing that he hadn't had before.

We watched him throughout the night but it never reappeared. The anesthesiologist called this morning checking to see that it hadn't occured again.

Otherwise he seems to be on the mend and he isn't complaining about the jello.


Bluestem said...

The heartbreak of giraffe allergies. You don't get those much around these here parts.

But seriously, here's hoping it's nothing but ice cream happiness and rainbows from here on out.

Blaize said...

The only time I have been under general anesthesia, I cried hysterically when I came out from under it. I was 24. I think I found the lost time very very disturbing.

Blaize said...

Oh, and I like that his giraffe has a bandage, too.