Thursday, April 10, 2014

Seasons Change

It was more than 6 years ago that I began this blog.  Nearly 3 years since I last posted.  But in those initial three years of blogging there were more than a thousand posts.
Ahh, heady times.

Life got in the way.  The litany of family upheavals, the usurpation of fast updates via Facebook, the sense that I was writing rather than living, and the passing of the personal blog into its little corner of history all led to the abandonment.  It wasn't just me.  Most of the blogs I linked and followed have tottered down the same dusty trail - Curry, Blaize, Steve, etc have packed it up and chucked it in.  Only Banks maintains his corner of the blogosphere.

The funny thing is, I find myself referring back to this blog regularly.  It acts a repository of memories and history from that time: a little diary of my life - my family's life.  It's surprising how often it reminds me of something I would have forgotten entirely had it not been for this documentation.

After much internalized debate I've opted to start again, to try to make the dots connect with some degree of regularity.  Years from now, as my memory becomes even more corrupted, perhaps this will be my map back.  This is a new season for our lives.  They aren't little kids anymore.

In the meantime,
People grow...


Blaize said...

I keep thinking I'll post things again, and then I don't, and this happens over and over. Life gets in the way, as you say. I'm glad you are doing well.

arlopop said...

Hey stranger!
Doing well is relative :)
We are muddling on.
And please, do jump back in.