Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Infant Penises Make You Pretty Again

I don't bang the drum often, but it is one of my issues. Male Genital Mutilation now has the beginnings of financial incentive. The newly lopped off foreskins of babies are being tested in a cosmetic procedure to make the vain and rich look younger. The ghastly is now absurdly tasteless as well.

People, stop cutting your little boys' foreskins off. It is unnecessary, brutal, and amounts to little more than child abuse for the sake of cultural aesthetics.

via fellow intactivist Andrew Sullivan


Blaize said...

The photo you posted--or one very like it--has been there for recall in my mind since I saw it years and years ago. I think of circumcision, and that image appears. Terrible.

Anonymous said...

you are guilty of anti-semitic hate speech.