Sunday, November 16, 2008


We are back. We have returned to the Mormon controlled state of California (more on that later), with our flesh a lustery golden brown and our spirits a mellowed hue, as well. The fiftieth state, birthplace of our fourty-fourth president, was kind to us, allowing our cares and tensions to be set adrift on the waves that break upon its shores.

Yeah, whatever.

Having been through, but never to, the isle of Oahu we opted for its charms, such as they were. The paradisical Kauai has nothing to worry about. Since Oahu in general and Honolulu in particular are so reminiscent of urban California I was left wondering what could possibly entice anyone to suffer the hassles and costs to live there. Nastiness. The west side of the island, where we stayed, was less problematic as developement is only now busting out. However, the enormous vacant space next to our resort (even that word is unpleasant) was breaking ground for the latest Disney hotel. Welcome to misery.

The national economy will make the island state pay for its single industry reliance as even now bookings are down 30% and as we flew home the telling sign was all too clear: while First class was full, economy was an echo chamber - not even half the seats occupied. It will be bleak for all but the most upscale of destinations in Hawaii. The middle class is staying home.

But enough of this, here's an anecdote...

Upon our return, while preparing to pass through the airport security in Honolulu, I dutifully removed my shoes and placed them in the bin. I turned to the Boy and took his shoes from his feet explaining that they needed to look at them and then would give them back. As I loaded the bin with my accoutrement I heard my name shouted in panic by my wife who stood behind me with the Girl in her arms. I turned to discover the Boy removing his pants and underwear - by now at his ankles. He apparently believed security required a strip-search. Cue embarassed dad smiling at the long queue behind as he attempted to re-robe his son.

Aloha, paradise.

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rhonanon said...

Ever since 9/11 I've been predicting we will eventually be forced to fly naked. Your son is just a little ahead of his time.