Friday, September 11, 2009


The Girl is doing much better today. The doses of Rocephin have knocked the infection back and the amoxicillin will take over that duty now. The fever has receded, though not abated. We were told to expect it to continue to spike for the next couple of days before the infection really starts disappearing. She's not eating much, but is once again fighting with her brother (sickness had its advantages). We're keeping an eye on her and keeping her fluid intake high.

The whole episode had an otherworldly quality to it and I don't think I have quite absorbed it. When the Boy was born, and we were told not to expect him to live through the night, there was a similar feeling, but he was an unknown quantity to me. She has been here a while now, and even though I have often threatened to Ebay her, I am, upon occasion, quite fond of her.

I just see more trouble coming from this for her. Two weeks ago she went through a battery of tests ordered by her neurologist to try and determine the root cause of her speech and gross motor delays beyond the annoyingly vague "hypotonia". Those tests included the drawing of 7 vials of blood from her small body. There may be an MRI in her future as well to see if my fear of absence seizures has any substance. And of course there will be all the tests regarding the kidneys from this episode. The kid is taking a beating.

In the meantime we watch and hope and remain thankful that she is much better off than so many others.

Oh, and the Boy? Yeah, he's beyond hope :)

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Blaize said...

I'm glad--despite the difficulties ahead--that at least this particular problem is getting better.