Sunday, March 8, 2009

Maternal Gadgets

Gadgetry has invaded all aspects of our lives, from communication to libations. Everything has a device or app to increase efficiency or just make our lives easier. Screw most of it. But...

My wife has been ever so pleased with the iPhone I gave her for her birthday. She plays games, does her email, texts her friends, and yeah, once in a while she makes a call. However, since the baby has arrived it is powering through the charges. There's an app she downloaded that tracks all the nursing for the baby: which side? how long? how much? There's another that tracks the baby's output, allowing a parent to keep a chart on number of diapers and contents. If she needs something from me while she is nursing or putting the baby to sleep I get the pleasant ding of a text instead of a baby-waking holler.

But the kicker - the killer app - is the white noise generator. The kid is remarkably good-natured with nary a complaint, but one: change her diaper or disrobe her and her lungs go into a sonic range that is dangerous. She just doesn't like that and has no qualms with expressing her displeasure. Enter the "Baby-soother", a white noise generating app for the iPhone that runs the gamut from waves to rain to waterfalls to just white noise. Switch it on prior to the diaper removal and the kid coos through the process - not even a grimace. She is suckered right back into her womby, happy place during the most miserable (for her) experiences of her day. Life is good... for every one.

Gadgety or not, it beats tag-teaming our way through diaper changes with my head next to the kids ear and my "SHHHHH" on overdrive.

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lendos_girl said...

You forgot the lightsaber app...the force is strong in this one