Friday, April 24, 2009

Checking In

Well, since we're all gonna die from swine flu I figure I should check in. All is well. The Baby is delightful - smiles, chats, and rolls over at eight weeks. The Boy and Girl, despite a bout with a virus (not the deadly swiner) this week, are back to their loud and over the top selves. The lawyer has been retained regarding the tree roots (die insurance companies, die). The weather began the week ridiculously hot (97) but has now moderated, so I'm back to fleece. Our dear friends (Sarah & Mike) just delivered a baby yesterday (welcome to the world, Nixi). Schindler's List is funnier than I remembered it being (the first hour at least). We are finally doing our will (swiney motivation). Following World War II, an International War Tribunal tried for war crimes Japanese soldiers accused of waterboarding American GIs and those found guilty were hanged. And for those of you with bets down in the reunion pool, the old, estranged buddy who contacted me last week out of the blue saying we should chat has yet to be heard from again.

That should do it. Wash your hands, wear a mask, and cancel Cabo.

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Blaize said...

Thanks for the update. I'll attempt to stay away from the zoonotically inclined. And it's interesting, but not surprising, that "dude" has fallen back into the outer darkness, where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth.