Wednesday, July 1, 2009

If You Thought California Government Was A Mess...

Try New York. Their legislature has been the most comical governing body in a long time.

It all started earlier this year when the Democrats got themselves a majority in the the senate, 32-30. As they prepared to install a Democratic Senate leader two Dems switched their votes and went for a Republican. Chaos ensued. Democrats closed the senate (I have no idea how). Republicans refused to be seated. Courts got involved. And absolutely nothing has happened there for weeks. The are literally doing nothing. The Governor is furious with them, as are most New Yorkers.

Yesterday the Governor laid down the law and said get moving or nobody goes home for the Fourth. 31 Democrats sat down in the Senate but they are required to have 32 senators in the chamber for a quorum. Without a quorum nothing can be done. The Republicans refused to enter, until...

Republican Senator Frank Padavan got thirsty. He found the hallway much too crowded. So to get to the free soda machine he took a shortcut through the back of the chamber. The Dems spotted him and immediately called a quorum. Before it was over 120 bills were passed. The Republicans called foul. The Governor said he won't sign the bills. During the course of all this yesterday vital state operations ground to a halt because legislation expired.

In the meantime, a court is uncomfortably ordering them to all sit down and get to work. New Yorkers aren't getting anything in return for all that free soda.

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Anonymous said...

Hey AP,
Isn't that YOU second from the top?
Frank Padavan