Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The Sears Tower in Chicago unveiled its new glass skyboxes today. The glass enclosures jut out from the 103rd floor and allow one to get a full view from that height.

I have climbed mountains, scaled sheer rock faces, with nothing between me and gruesome death but a small nut wedged into a crack and a rope. I love that. But for some reason if you put me at a decent altitude in, or on, a building I freak out. A mere glance over the edge sends me into spasms of irrational, physical fear. Nausea wells up and my breathing goes into overdrive. I can't explain it. Even these photos creep me out.

Sears Tower will not be getting a visit from me.


Bluestem said...

I'm with you. Maybe we can find a nice basement to hang out in, while the rest of our families go and cheat death.

Anonymous said...

Yep, me too. My lately acquired vertigo makes me feel as if my head ways about 70 pounds and is threatening to pull me over the railing. I got sweaty palms reading the article...
Vic Baxter