Friday, August 21, 2009

Gloom And Watery Doom

Here's some news to perk up your weekend.

Despite the cool summer in the East and Midwest, global ocean temperatures are higher than they ever have been since record keeping began... in 1880. The Gulf of Mexico is averaging 90 degrees, the Mediterranean is 3 degrees above the rolling 30 year average, the Pacific and Atlantic are at records, and the Arctic is 10 degrees above normal.

Have a great weekend!


Blaize said...

I feel fairly bad about this, but I kind of want Hurricane Bill to hit New York City. What is my problem?

ForestRoxx said...

I also want New York to perish in a deluge of icey cold North Atlantic water. Mainly for the sake of property value. I also want a massive earthquake on the New Madrid Fault so I can be closer to the beach. It's all about real estate. Call me Lex Luthor.

judy's hubby said...

Would you also like a side of massive storms sweeping through Asia to go with your doomsday platter?