Tuesday, February 24, 2009

At Last

Better late than never.

Greer Audette ______.

10 lbs, 4oz, 22 inches long

11:17 am, 2/24/09

Join the party girl. Your mom and dad are indeed charmed (and a little intimidated by your size).

Kudos to your mother who, despite your above average dimensions, handled your delivery like a freaking pro - 4 major contractions and 7 minutes of pushing to get you here. (And the woman was emailing from her delivery bed between contractions.) All this au natural - no meds - just plain old pioneer breedin' woman spirit.

Hey kid, I hope you get a little of your ma's fire.


Steve said...

Many, many congratulations to you and yours on the new addition!

Sarah & Scott said...

congrats! love the name! what a cute little chunker!

-mrs. curry-

Bluestem said...

What an adorable family! Glad the labor went well, and everyone is healthy and happy!

Baywatch said...

Beautiful! Awesome Name!

Blaize said...

Congratulations. I'm so pleased everything worked out well. And welcome to the world, little one.