Saturday, February 21, 2009


Last night as the Boy and the Girl bathed,we listened from the living room. They splashed and bickered, as usual. At one point some disagreement over toy ownership or unfair tub-space intrusion boiled over into yelling and screaming from them. I yelled, "Get along or get out!" from my chair and the spat ceased. After a pause we heard the Boy speaking to the Girl...

"I sorry. I love you. You my little sister and I love you."
(another pause)
"I love you so much. I love you even though you don't have a penis."
(another pause)
"You don't have a penis, you know."
(another pause)
"But let's check."

My wife moved faster than she has her entire pregnancy, "Ok, bathtime's over!"

Oh, and Threepeat is still fighting the inevitable.


Blaize said...

Ah, discovery!

arlopop said...

Our panic had much less to do with discovery than the method of investigation.

Blaize said...

I like the "this must stop immediately" portion of the story.