Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Greer Update

The girl feeds like there's a cut-off date for meals. Eats all the time - like she was born to it (heh, heh).

Size (particularly hers) has its drawbacks. Though mom had very little problem with the delivery, the Girl #2 suffered somewhat, coming out of the process with a broken clavicle. She got stuck and something had to give. It isn't a problem - there isn't anything done for it. Our pediatrician says that with infants, one need only put both sides of the broken clavicle in the same room and it will heal.

Otherwise all is well and she is delightful. The Boy and the Girl agreed upon their first meeting, though based on that meeting a soft touch is apparently an aquired one.


Blaize said...

A wee friend of mine had a dislocated shoulder coming out. Then, more recently, he broke both his radius and ulna. They had it in a brace for awhile, and his arm will be a bit curved for about a year, but he's 2 and a half, and the orthopedist said it's going to be all fine.

Kids=made of silly putty.

Mistress La Spliffe said...

A million congratulations!