Thursday, December 18, 2008

House Party

For some reason, perhaps because it's so freakin cold, the kids awoke this morning with far too much energy. It had to be channeled somewhere. That meant it was time for the infrequent, but much beloved...

Stupendous, Electro-House, Mashup, Dance Party!

It should be noted that while the Girl's primary motion was either a smooth waltz-like glide or a Lemmy head-bang, the Boy has upped the ante. Where previously he was basically working the Dead-head school of dance, there are now: spins, a variation of a moon-walk (where did he pick that up?), hand movements that on the wrong side of town might be considered gang signs, and a wicked one-hand-behind-the-back-bend-at-the-waist-wag-your-finger-Jagger move that popped my top.

Cue the tracks maestro... (you can DL the tracks free, of course, from the highlighted links - just right click and save target)

Here's a good one: DJ Y alias JY - Can't Stand Beggin', Madcon vs Police

DJ Earworm - Britney's Leaving Home, Britney vs Beatles (better than you might think)

DJ Moule - Fa Fa Fa Good, Datarock vs JB vs Beatles

DJ Zebra - Roxanne Should Be Dancing, Police vs BeeGees

This one blew the roof off. GHP - Finally, Did You No Wrong, Sex Pistols vs Ce Ce Peniston (I'm linking to Mark Vidler's GHP site as you have to DL the entire collection to get this track)

After a sweaty workout you need that cool-down and this was the ticket for the toddler mash-dancers: DJ Schmolli - Wicked Wedding, Isaac vs Idol

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