Saturday, December 13, 2008

Special Announcement

Let's just get this out of the way - stop dancing around the issue. Nobody wants to say it and it has to be said. Someone has to be bold enough to step up on the dias and yell it as loudly as they possibly can. That someone might as well be me.

Jennifer Aniston is a celebrity - She is NOT a movie star!

Thank you for your time


Blaize said...

I never thought she was a movie star. I always thought she was a pair of okay-ish breasts surmounted by the Chin of Jay Leno (tm). All a platform or vehicle for someone unable to move on from the past.

Live and learn.

Curry Favor said...

The way I understood it, she's a movie star and NOT an actress.

arlopop said...

The no-actress was obvious. Neither is Keanu Reeves. But Mr. Reeves can (in the parlance of "the biz"), "open a movie". Ms. Aniston can't, which is the single qualification for being a "movie star." No one goes to see a movie solely because Jennifer Aniston is in it. There may be a few, but they will, no doubt, soon face the stalkers' dreaded tandem of restraining orders and court-ordered psych evals.

Oh, and Blaize, I never noticed, but you are SO right about that chin.

rhonanon said...

There's something desperate and undignified about these photos. Isn't that the kind of thing you do when you're a 22-year old starlet, not when you're a 39-year old actress with an established career? Put your clothes back on and go count your money!

arlopop said...

That may be the problem: not nearly enough money. Or even more likely, the stunningly sad act of someone whose appeal was entirely physical and for whom mid-life has brought about a crisis in confidence. Apparently men buy fast cars and woman pose nude.

The female equivalent of a comb-over.

Mistress La Spliffe said...

Sad act? I don't know. I'd rather look at a picture of her naked now than actually have to watch her talk, or act, or whatever she was doing, when she was in whatever was supposed to be her prime.