Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ignoring That Call

There is something fascinating (I hesitate to say, enviable) about toddlers and their... um... waste issues. The Girl will often suggest to us now, a potty use break, though she doesn't really use it yet. She isn't quite ready to begin serious work, but we're happy to indulge her when she toddles off to her little seat in the bathroom. We, of course, don't disrobe her until she arrives (that would be madness) and in the course of her journey to the bathroom she will occasionally become distracted - a book here, a bright shiny bangle there just can't be resisted. Distraction is ok though - there's that backup system in place; a safety net, if you will.

It must be comforting to know that even when nature calls, regardless of the call's urgency, you can afford to put it off if something more interesting comes up.

Life just gets more demanding from here on out.

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