Sunday, December 28, 2008

Upchuck Update

The wife is still in her hospital bed, but tells me she's feeling better and most of her nausea is gone (and she was loaded up with anti-emetics to keep it from coming back). The Girl seems to have an appetite this morning though that is probably because she needs ammunition come afternoon. The Boy seems fine, thank goodness, though I wish he had a little less energy.

And I have now succumbed. I race from their breakfast prep to the toilet, to the hand sanitizer, and back to breakfast for them. This is not pleasant. Nuff said.

I've taken some of my wife's morning-sickness prescribed Zofran and it seems to be staying down. It has the wonderful effect of preventing the actual vomitting while doing nothing to alleviate the feeling that you are on the verge.

If any of you are eyeing this little bug as an option for post-holiday weight loss I suggest you hold it in reserve - a last resort - in case amputation doesn't do the trick.

How did the Romans do this?

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Blaize said...

The Romans were Fucked Up, that's how they did it. I know because, well, they're my ancestors.

Anyway, did the hospital give you anything other than a vague diagnosis? I mean, it would be nice to know if the bug had a name, so you could curse it to the skies.

I hope you feel better, and soon.