Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Little Bit Of Bear

One of the fringe benefits of having young kids is that you are subjected to children's television. I say benefits because it isn't all bad. The wonders of Kipper have been revealed to me more than once and it's a favorite of mine for it's jazzy score and simple, sometimes surprisingly philosophical, stories.

But the one that has become my great delight is Little Bear. Even when the kids aren't home or interested I will turn on some episodes, kick back on the sofa, and slip in to its wonderous world. It really is the best children's television I've come across. It isn't loud or obnoxious; it isn't patronizing or stupid, it isn't hawking a product tie-in or some other marketing gimmick - it's merely gentle stories told well.

I got the kids some Little Bear DVDs for Christmas - they're hard to find and Amazon is the only place I was able to nail them down. I'm perfectly willing to admit now that they're as much for me as for my little ones.

My wife finds the show incredibly dull, but I think she just hasn't had enough exposure to let its pacing and quiet tone work wonders on her soul. Try one.

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