Monday, July 14, 2008

By A Nose

It looks like the Volvo is going to get the nod. I loved the Acura, but money talks.

I came across three 2008 Xc90s, all with less than 8000 miles on them that were used as service loaners by a dealer. All fully loaded (everything but navigation), with 3.5 years remaining on their warranties and complimentary factory scheduled service for 2.5 years. They've been on the dealer's lot for at least a month and I've been watching the asking price drop like a stone. New they list at $45,000, but we offered a lot less than that and I'm pretty sure they'll go with it. With 2009 models arriving soon, dealers are anxious to unload.

So, if anybody is looking for a 2005 Murano with only 15600 miles and nary a scratch or stain, lemme know.


Anonymous said...

Wait just a dog-gone minute here, hoss! I thought we had a handshake deal that you was gonna buy my old Pacer for $450 cash money. If you back out on me then I cain't get the Chevelle, and I already put $80down on it that I won't get back. I coulda sold that Pacer to someone else but you whined 'bout how much you wanted so I saved it for you out of respect for our time together in juvie. This is the thanks I get?!
Marlon Hanks, Butler MO.

arlopop said...

Once I realized that big ole stain on the back seat, that you said was a "trick of the light", was actually where yer hound dropped her litter the deal was off.