Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cereal Port

It only took three pregnancies, but now I see the pattern.

My lovely wife almost never eats cereal - hardly eats breakfast. It's just not in her nature to eat the most important meal o' the day. During the gestational period, however, she scarfs the grains. Two or three bowls a day is not uncommon for her. Sadly, it isn't your typical whole grain goodness she craves. No, our kitchen counter proudly holds all manner of children's confections, from Cocoa Krispies to Lucky Charms. They shuffle their way through our kitchen with the regularity of sailors through a brothel. Every two days there's a new flavor sitting there next to my granola.

And it won't be too long now: the inevitable will soon appear - by the case. With the fall and Halloween just around the corner she can finally get her hands on oodles of her basic pregnancy foodstuff: Count Chocula. Yeah, the Booberry and the Frankenberry are for the rest of you, but the Count production allotment is slated for my door.

I guess it could be pickles...
But then that's what she eats when she's not pregnant.


Anonymous said...

I feel ya Katie. When I was pregnant with Luke I had to consume at least 2 heaping bowls of "Go Lean Crunch" cereal (which, let's face it, is just a hippy-dippy version of Sugar Smacks) every morning or else there was HELL TO PAY. What can I say? The baby DEMANDED carbs.


lendos_girl said...

So true...I am answering to a higher power now.