Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Polar Bear Club

The Girl loves the cold. A couple of weeks ago, during her bath, she had an issue with splashing. Once or twice is one thing, but I was getting soaked. So, I warned her, "Stop splashing dear, or you'll get a chilly reaction." I held a cup of cold water in my hand. She defied the ultimatum and suffered the consequences as I poured a little cold water over her head. She convulsed, shook like the condemned in the chair, and then looked up laughing. I was perplexed. "Do you want some more?" I asked, tentatively. She nodded manically. I poured a little more and she once again did the gator before laughing even harder and demanding even more. She ate it up.

It's a ritual now, after the washing and before the bath toys, she points at the cup, "Ahhh, ahhh." She likes the whole thing dumped on her head. She thinks it's great and is always sad when I call it quits. I think she'd happily go on till hypothermia set in.

But hey, she's stopped splashing me.

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Steve said...

And if she DOES start splashing you again? No more ice rinse!