Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dashboard Confessional

I recently opened the glovebox of my car to put in the new insurance card and was shocked. It was empty, almost. Aside from the car manual, registration, a pen and (contrary to the Death Cab For Cutie lyric) a pair of gloves, it was clean as a whistle. It didn't used to be that way. When I lived for the road it held all manner of flotsam and memorabilia, from old photos to old breath mints (uh, eww). Like Fibber McGee's closet it let loose onto the passenger seat like a spring loaded joke box. Since settling in my ways it carries almost nothing. Strange.

What's in your glovebox right now?


Steve said...

Oh for the golden days when my glovebox would typically contain weapons, a few beers, many cassette tapes, lots of napkins, maps and a rubber or two.

Pacifism, technology and marriage have taken away the need for most of those items. Now, all we have in the glovebox is the owner's manual, the registration slip and...napkins. Good to see some things never change.

lendos_girl said...

Ditto the empty. Just the registration, manual, and maybe a little thing of tissue. The ironic thing is that the glove box in my car is huge and I could probably fit the 3rd kid in there.

Bill said...

It amazes me that I have oodles of storage in my car, yet I don't use it. The glove box has nothing in it, while the center console cubby hole is used as both a receipt depository and trash can.

With the greatness of the debit card, I never have change in my cup holder due to not using cash.