Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Round And Round

What a racket. My orthopedic surgeon sees me today with the results of my wrist MRI. It's as he suspected: I have a tear in my TFCC requiring surgery. "Great," says I, "When should we schedule this?" "Gonna have to send you to a Hand Surgeon. I don't do that surgery. We'll call you when we get it set up."

So now I wait for an appointment with the specialist specialist so that he/she can tell me I need surgery and then schedule that. It all seems remarkably inefficient - or just too damned specialized.

All this as a result of putting in a cabinet for the laundry room. No good deed...

Oh, and the knee? We're gonna wait and see on that till after the wrist.

I hate getting old.

1 comment:

mama o said...

Who was it that once said to me, "Once you're over the hill, it doesn't matter how far!"

However, I am sorry you have to go thru the surgery, especially if it is your right hand.