Monday, June 1, 2009

The Brain (Not) At Work

Having three kids has its effects on you. There is the sleep depravation. There is the constant running from appointment to appointment. There is the sense of working as a short-order cook as hunger in them wanes and waxes with no real harmony. There is the mismatch between the number of hands you have and the number of children that need handling. There is the constant picking up. There is the overwhelming sense of general disorder. And there is the brain - confused, overstretched, approaching its limit - that, unable to cope with it all, begins to fail. This, in short, is my life now.

To wit:

Ever since the birth of number three I have been calling her by her sister's name. It's habit and I can't help it. I absentmindedly use the names interchangably - Flyn for Greer and Greer for Flyn. The kids, bless them, don't seem to mind. I had hoped it would pass. This weekend however, it got worse. Instead of calling them by the wrong names, my brain opted for another approach to ease its exhaustion. I began, unconsciously, to refer to the Girls as Fleer and Grin.

Fleer and Grin.

It keeps happening now, and because it slips so easily off the tongue I can't seem to stop.

Thankfully the Boy remains Arlo... but for how long?


Anonymous said...

No need to worry, honestly. You're just old and nuts, that's all. I'd be more concerned about that rope-like hair coming out of your ears if I were you.
peace, etc.,
Ivan Dixon

Anonymous said...

Could this confusion be related to your recent change in "shaving habits"?

rhonanon said...

At least you're not calling your children by the dog's name.