Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Creeping (And I Mean Really Creeping) Socialism

For all those out there fretting that Obama's gonna make us all socialist and stuff.

At this rate, it might take a while.


Anonymous said...

"all socialist and stuff"...define this stuff. Socialism is a bore, but the "stuff" you speak of might have me scared!
best always,
Burt Spackler
(David Soul's former plumber)

arlopop said...

Hell, I don't know what "stuff" means. I just saw the term on some wingnut blog.

judy's hubby said...

It's always funny when the right wing nutjobs preach fear about how BHO is going to ruin America and what not. They also complain about heavy-handed business deals with the auto industry, but it just came out today that the Bush Administration forced Skank... er Bank Of America to buy Merrill Lynch.

Pot meet Kettle.