Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Proxy War?

While the Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned the Swiss ambassador for a meeting today to bitch that all these protests are the result of U.S. "meddling" (the swiss act as U.S. representatives since we have no formal relations with Iran), something else interesting has popped up.

Iranian film director,Mohsen Makhmalbaf, went on the BBC as a representative of Moussavi to say that Ahmadi is in cohoots with the Russians. He said Ahmadi had given the Russians many rights to the Caspian Sea over the last four years and that two high level Russian advisors were working with Ahmadi to teach the Basij thugs better oppression techniques.

via Sully


judy's hubby said...

Well, as long as the Republicans have people like John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and Joe Lieberman (wait, he's an Independent, not a Republican) spouting out nonsense about how we should reward the Iranian establishment with a bombing, the Ayatollah and everyone else in that government will have a reason to say that America is meddling.

Mistress La Spliffe said...

'Kahoots' with the Russians? Are you surprised? Are you suggesting Iran should take its 30-year-old western freeze-out like a man and not truck with neighboring countries that are still interested?

And are you implying that, having been in a state of conflict with the US for 30 years, Iran should also get into a state of conflict with the Russians by trying to deny them access to the Caspian Sea? Because god knows feuding with one superpower at a time just isn't enough. And how much of the Caspian Sea should Iran be denying them, considering most of its coast is lined with four other countries (Russia included)?

And are you implying that it doesn't make some sort of historical sense that the Iranian regime could jump to conclusions about US 'meddling'?

Okay, they're murderous jerks, but they're not alone in that, and apparently they're not alone in jumping to lots of conclusions these days.

arlopop said...

My Dear La Spliffe,

I imply nothing. I merely report.