Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pity The Nation

"In Brecht’s 'Life of Galileo,' Galileo’s students condemn him at the end of the court proceedings with these words: 'Pity the nation that doesn’t have a hero.'

'Pity the nation that needs a hero,' he responds wisely.

My generation is tired of being disillusioned. We refuse to accept the status quo and we have risen up in defiance. I am not sure how long it will take for the totalitarians to crush our resistance. For now though, we’re holding up just fine. We’re holding up fine even though our brothers at Basij and the police are murdering their dear fellow Iranians. We’re holding up even though you bash us with clubs and batons and try to suffocate us with your tear gas."

- A 25 year old Iranian man writing today on Tehranbureau.com.

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Anonymous said...

Yep, this isn't about getting the other clown elected, its about overturning the "revolution" of the last 30 years. If they hold on for a couple of more days it could tip the whole thing.
Morey Amsterdam