Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The GOP Are Just Like The Iranians

Wonkette points to twitters by Rep. Pete Hoekstra and Rep. John Culberson that recognize their common cause with the Iranians and their fight against their facist oppressors or the Democrats or, you know, whatever.

Nancy Pelosi sweeps from the upper right corner in stealth and drops seven buckets of napalm on Pete Hoekstra, a martyr. But just before Pete passes, as the fire consumes his eyes, he grabs Texas Rep. John Culberson by his tattered lapels. “I… I want you to take this back, to my family,” Hoekstra whispers to Culberson — his comrade, his Brother — and hands him a BlackBerry. “It is… locked… you have to press… star + send… what?… no no no…. ’send,’ I said… the little green telephone button… no, you have to press… press them simultaneously… there you go… now you must Twitt…” He dies. But Culberson knows.

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