Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Collateral Damage?

Mark Leon Goldberg over at UN Dispatch puts up a post arguing that no one has thought through the collateral damage brought on by the continuing DDoS attacks on Iranian government websites. He thinks the internet structure in Iran may be too fragile to handle it and the whole thing may come crashing down.

"Not unlike a coordinated bombing campaign against duel-use infrastructure like bridges and roadways, an organized DDOS attack campaign raises a number of moral and ethical questions. DDOS attacks are, after all, attacks. They are real and can be as destructive as conventional attacks on a country’s bridges or roadways. "

Nonsense. The Government there is already denying access to citizens and it is those very citizens that are coordinating and requesting the attacks.

Find a new moral dilemma - this one won't keep me up at nights.

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