Sunday, June 14, 2009

From The Rooftops

Revolutionary Guardsmen enter the dormitories at Shiraz University, beating students and using rubber bullets. One student was beaten to death for wearing a green shirt.

They're at it again in Tehran. The deafening chant for tonight is "Marg bar Diktator!" (Death to the Dictator!). Once again the word went out on twitter - this time for a 9:00 PM start time. They were prompt.

Mousavi has called for a general strike on Tuesday thoughout the country.

In news of twittered disinformation, a previously unheard from twitterer, Change_for _Iran, called for a protest during the day today on a major Tehran boulevard. However, word soon went out that no one should go - it had not been arranged with Mousavi's backers and was suspected of being a trap. Sadly the warnings arrived too late and sure enough, many protest leaders were immediately arrested when they arrived.

The hazards of deceptive tweets.

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