Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Revolution Will Be Twitterized

How did all those Iranians know to get up on their roofs at 4:00 AM local time in order to chant at a deafening roar? How did they do it when all traditional means of communication had been shut down? When all the opposition candidates had been arrested and the government had performed a surgical coup d'etat against the people's will?

Welcome to our brave new world.

However it turns out in Tehran, world governments, you are now on notice - your shit no longer flies.

addendum: the twitter from Mousavi's camp was partially correct. Cell phone nets were down, texting was down, and much of the internet was blocked (including Mousavi's Facebook page), but satellite phones were up and some net access remained available. Thus Iranians could see this and other messages throughout the day.


rhonanon said... how did they send a tweet with no internet or mobile network?

Anonymous said...

sat. Phones

arlopop said...

some land lines remained open as well allowing long distance dialups to be used