Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Ahh, The sound of jackhammers in the morning. The patio is being demolished - all 1100 sq ft of 6 inch thick concrete - to make way for a bio-barrier for the mulberry tree and then new pavers and benches and whatnot. If the mulberry roots weren't destroying the house we would not be doing this... or spending the fortune it's costing us.

This is day two of the jackhammering and my ears are ringing. The whole house shakes when it goes off as the concrete is attached to the foundation of the house. The Boy is perturbed and has had enough. I've had to prevent him from venting at the construction guys for drowning out his episodes of Wonderpets.

We're hopeful this will all be completed by July.

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Baywatch said...

earplugs. for the whole family. combined with some ASL.