Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How Come My Money Sucks So Much?

Uh oh! Looks like that whole "depression is over/go ahead and Ebay your Campbells" thing from Monday was a little optimistic? Who could have known? The market's tanking again, we're in a depression for the second time in a week. That's two depressions in my lifetime - I seriously can't keep up. Just tell me when to stop making shoe soup.

Seems a retail sales report has investors in another funk. Maybe we should we bail out Macy's to make them happy.

Hmm, what's a Wall Streeter to do? Well, they shouldn't go to Rio: Brazil just halted trading on their market after it dumped 10% of its value this morning.

On the bright side, pawn shops are doing a booming business.

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Anonymous said...

Who gave you permission to use a photo of me for your moronic rant?

Cranky McShorts (crusty's brother)