Thursday, October 23, 2008

Medicine Is Your Friend

There's a load of nuts on both sides in this battle but I think this one is going for the crown. From the comments section of the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

October 23, 2008 9:28 AM Link to this

The “convicted assassin” is George W. Bush committing 9/11 for domestic control, false war profiteering, Roman Catholic/Rockefeller Big Oil, heroin, and the Saudi regime, in keeping with PNAC’s anti-American, Anti-Christ aspirations.

It is not a coincidence that his father killed John Kennedy six weeks after NSAM263 ordered our military out of Rome’s slave plantation of Vietnam, that his grandfather was Hitler’s banker, nor that his family has been fronting for the Vatican-banker creators of the Oil Monopoly through unredressed murder and arson, the Rockefellers, for five generations.

The People, E Pluribus Unum, is “warden” of America, and crucifixion was the only and specific punishment for one single crime under codified Roman law: the second conviction for sedition.

In territory conquered by Rome any denying the divinity of caesar committed sedition. Tens of thousands of faithful Jews were crucified during the occupation chronicled in the Dead Sea Scrolls Rome and Rockefeller managed to keep under wraps for 50 years after their discovery.

Sarah Palin is a lying hypocrite philistine unsuited for your analog in the “Jesus” role.

“On earth as it is in Heaven:” G-d is King of America…and is not mocked.

Adherents of popery and the “popery of government,” monarchy, Rome’s Fifth Column’s attempt to destroy American Exceptionalism’s godly, liberal Novus Ordo Seclorem threat to the thrones of king and pope, born as the ultimate fruit of the Age of Reason, are traitors against the American Dream, the Constitution, and the People. Through their false money Fed and promotion of illegal immigration they have contrived to usurp Our Republic.

It is no coincidence that Sarah Palin shares the views of Hitler and the gay, Hitler Youth pope’s pedophile homosexual priesthood on a woman’s sovereignty over her own body, nor her support for those in the Alaska Independent Party’s advocating secession from the U.S.A.

Bush is, like his father and grandfather, a traitor and an assassin. Their sectarian faction, the Roman Anti-Christ’s Fifth Column, which has brought America to the brink of the abyss, must, by the righteous hand of the People, receive its due that the People not perish and restore its own sovereignty.

Each American is being sifted. Stay your hand from the work it must do to restore G-d’s Land of Promise by bowing to the satanic, anti-American urges of racism, fascism, and slavery to sustain the Fifth Column’s agents - Married to the Mob McCain and Hitler-in-Drag Palin - or lay your hand on the rope and Constitution to render righteous judgment to those who, through the generations, have been proven to steal our wealth to enrich themselves at the expense of the People and the Constitution, shedding the blood of innocents.

McCain/Palin is the devil’s work from the scars in McCain’s face and soul seen through his blinking grin, countenanced lies, and history of immorality and failure, to Palin, the inbred whitetrash whose lies, hypocrisies, maternal failure, and promotion of division could be no less clear.

Obama/Biden, and Martin in Georgia, and like men and women across the Nation willing to help remove this evil from upon us, is a first step on the road to recovery.

The “assassin” must have its just reward to return to the Maker and heal its presently cancerous soul. G-d willing, The People, “the warden,” will make the proper and righteous election on November fourth.

As in chess, future moves must be considered mid-game: those deemed operatives of Anti-Christ attempting to steal three presidential elections in a row on behalf of those who cheated the present Closet-Queen-in-Chief into office to commit 9/11 must be recognized as “enemies domestic” by all military and military veterans who are still obedient to The Oath by which they have placed their lives at sacrifice for the Constitution and the Sovereign People.

Stand good by your Oath, talk to fellow Patriots, make plans and establish procedures. The Electorate’s divine will expressed through honest ballot must be manifest that Righteous America not perish but be restored to even greater Probity, Economy and Justice.

Death for Treason

Jeffersonian Exegesis

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Blaize said...

Ah-ha! So THAT'S who shot Kennedy.