Saturday, January 24, 2009

Daddy Knows Best

Daddy has sex and makes babies with 13 year old daughter for 6 years. Mom seems to be ok with that. Four children are produced from the incestuous union but three get ill and are denied medical attention lest the family secret be discovered. Those three offspring die and two of their bodies are kept in coolers at the family homestead. Daughter says daddy fathered all four; daddy claims only two of them were his (as if that somehow mitigates his actions).

Ain't that heartwarming?

The Disgust. The Repulsion. The untethered Anger.

I note this story for but two reasons:

The Padre is from Harrisonville.


Nancy Grace has hit the mother lode, giving her enough material for all of 2009 (and that makes the story even more objectionable, if possible).

Have a great weekend now... if you can.

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Baywatch said...

huh. I thought this stuff only happened in Austria.