Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Whatcha Gonna Do?

Prayers read over the bodies of those killed when Israel bombed a United Nations School

Anybody that reads - or plods through - this blog regularly knows I loves me some Obama. That said, I'm neither stupid nor blind. Israel has been kicking shit out of Gaza for more than a week with most of the damage being of the collateral variety - i.e. civilians, children (according to the UN, at least 130 of the 600 killed so far have been children under the age of 16) . The Prez-elect hasn't said a word.

Finally, yesterday, he broke his silence and vowed to “engage effectively and consistently” to resolve it.

Ahem, that's it? That's the best you can do? Have you missed the news? I've been to Hawaii and I remember they had papers and shit... with pictures.

Will we spend the next four years yawning every time you face a crisis with empty rhetoric?

Roll up your fucking sleeves, take off the gloves, and act like the Most Powerful Leader In the World - elect. Don't fucking waste this while you decide on the appetizers for your inaugural dinner, OK?

Oh and that little news confab you had today where you defended your closed yap by saying there isn't room for two administrations - that you aren't president yet and won't undermine Bush - well, that doesn't exactly scan with all your pronouncements regarding the economy and your extensive comments regarding the bombing in Mumbai. Not buying it.

Do your job!

Man carries the body of his five year old son killed when Israel bombed a refugee camp


Blaize said...

Maybe Obama, like many people, is afraid of being seen as anti-Semitic. Even though Zionism and Judaism are nowhere near being The Exact Same Thing. Witness my Jewish friends who are protesting. Or this:
Or this:

I am not educated enough about it to do anything except wring my hands and be sad/mad.

arlopop said...

I suspect you are correct as regards the anti-semitism. But you're most definitely on the mark regarding the difference between anti-semitism and standing firm against Israel's murderous actions. Israel is not a religion; it's a state. I see no proportion in its response to the Hamas's rocket attacks and its intensive and full-scale bombing of civilians.

I would like to imagine that this incursion into Gaza was done out of their fear that once Obama takes office that shit will not be tolerated, but perhaps I'm putting too much faith (hope) in the man.