Thursday, January 1, 2009

Misery Loves Company

In an improbable case of long-distance misery-loves-company, Curry informs me this morning that he has been struck by that which so recently ailed our household. The symptoms sound all too familiar and he assures me that it's in no way related to any New Year celebrations. My sympathy goes out to him along with the recommendation for copious amounts of hand sanitizer.

Despite being halfway across the country from us, he blames me.


Blaize said...

He blames you? Maybe he should. That stuff was some powerful juju. I think the only way I have avoided it is because a. I have a ward against the evil eye, and b. I am a zombie.

arlopop said...

a queasy zombie is a bad thing

Blaize said...

Brains! *vomit* Brains! *ralph* <---Like that?