Saturday, January 10, 2009

White House Sucks Too

Ha! The formerly fabulous real estate porn site, Zillow, that everyone now visits only when the weather or wars or the economy or Jett Travolta doesn't depress them enough, says that America's home, The White House, is only worth $305,891,000. That's down $5,456,204 in the last thirty days, all because it will soon be occupied by a muslim terrorist with no birth certificate, who will invite all his super comic book friends to stay in the Lincoln bedroom, and who will also sell off the rose garden to buy more of his precious Blackberries which are made by a company that isn't even American, but is instead located in that Islamo-Communist nation of Canada.

This too, is your fault.


Anonymous said...

By Jove, that arlopop sure has been in a good mood lately!, wait, that's something that should've been said in the sentences that have never been uttered post...alas (sigh)
a concerned taxpayer

arlopop said...

i beg to differ. my mood sparkles with an intensity that outshines the sun!