Thursday, January 22, 2009

From This Day Forward...

Thank you Mr. Obama, for restoring our dignity.

As of this day the United States of America will abide by its core values, not just when it is easy to do so, but also when it is difficult. We will no longer torture people.

We are once again human beings.

Except for Dick Cheney, who, by presidential decree, can now be used in perpetuity as an Indonesian bamboo planter.

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Anonymous said...

I say this with love and all due respect; we have no dignity yet. I understand your point, a valid one and I agree to some point, however, only when we refuse to allow the continued (and often federally funded) torture of unborn children and inmates on death row can we even begin to discuss our dignity or whether we are once again human beings.
That having been said, I remain your loyal and unworthy servant.
The Crust