Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Excuse

I really had planned to. It was all laid out in my mind. The innocuous, reminiscing open that was seemingly unrelated. The transition to the topic at hand that moved so smoothly you didn't even know you were being turned. The historical references - both personal and not. The gathering and inclusion of my children in the moment. The dichotomy of feelings and the double-edge that carries. A torch-passing. And lastly, a light flick to unburden the self-importance of it all.

I really had it done. It was complete in my head for literally months. Refined, polished and perfect, but for the actual word to page. And then...

I just didn't see the point. And I just soaked in the day's sights and sounds, felt it wash over me. And I realized that even if all the professionals talked about was race, I voted for a man - the best man in perhaps several generations for the job - and I didn't notice race at all. I still don't, despite their best efforts (good or ill) to focus me on it.

Maybe that's the real story - an entire generation of us that just don't notice.

Anyway, sorry for the failure to post. I was busy enjoying the day.


margaritagirl said...

I felt the same thing. The day for me was about a man with the ideas and the perseverance to lead this country in a new direction. His message of personal responsibility has had a great impact on me. Finally someone has said to the American people that they need take more responsibility for their actions and recognizes that it isn't just Wall Street that got this country to where they are.

Anonymous said...

Finally... a country where the red-man can get ahead man...where yellow can be mellow...where purple can freely burple...where plaid can be glad...where tan can be the man... where a green man can make the scene, man... where blue can make it too... where gold can be bold... where gray can have a say... where chartreuse can be obtuse... where orange can...where orange can... somebody help me here; quick, what rimes with orange?
Excuse me now while I try to go and embrace what is right, because, apparently, I haven't yet.
Crusty iz back

arlopop said...

custy had a sensitive inaugural, but we're glad he's back from sabbatical