Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The Girl, as I have mentioned before, has some issues with her speech and has been diagnosed as significantly delayed. She speaks - a lot - but is frequently unintelligible. We spend a great deal of time asking her to repeat herself and then discussing amongst ourselves what exactly it is she is trying to communicate. It's frustrating for us, but even more so for her, as you might imagine.

Enter the Boy. Of late, as we stand staring at the Girl in befuddlement and she grows increasingly exasperated at our failure to understand her desire or statement or joke or observation, her older brother will non-chalantly toss out a translation. It will always be correct. It will always be exactly what it is she is trying to say. He has become an oracle.

How does he do this?

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bridget said...

This is probably pretty normal for the Boy. I remember hearing about sets of twins having their own language. I imagine that siblings probably have some sort of language connection that helps them communicate better than us old fogeys with our ingrained brains. Your young son probably has better language acquisition skills than you do, and he's picked up on your daughter's "language."

This is off course all a$$talk. I'm just a parent of a kid with some speech challenges, but that's my two cents.