Thursday, January 8, 2009

More Bad News

And now, because you went and stopped borrowing money to finance your Hyundais and Lazy-Boy vibro-chairs, we are now a barter economy trading out-of-date prescription drugs, old grass clippings and Precious Moments figurines. In six months time you will be selling your own fillings on Ebay and cropping your children's ears in a desperate attempt to get them the last remaining job on Earth, as Santa's elven Joad-mobile puller in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Oh,and toilet paper will be hoarded like gold.

Your fault.


Bluestem said...

How about compost? We'll live like kings here in Bluestemville if the bartering includes poorly managed compost.

Also, knickknacks.

arlopop said...

You got it made - you can trade applesauce and yogurt

Steve said...

I have a three-year supply of Brita filters to barter. Though perhaps I will need those when the water pumping system breaks down and we're drinking whatever water washes off of our roof during storms.

Speaking of Hyundai? I love their new sales tactic whereby new-car buyers who lose their job within a year of purchase can return the vehicles. No doubt there are all kinds of strings attached, but you have to love the opportunism....

rhonanon said...

That Hyundai promotion is genius marketing until you think about it. They give you trade-in value for the car and you have to pay the difference between that and the outstanding loan balance. How is it any different than just selling the car if you lose your job? In fact selling it at resale value rather than trade-in value is probably more lucrative. Again, marketing genius.

arlopop said...

Yeah, Hyundai will win them over
"I really want a new car, but things are slow down at the plant. What if I get laid off?"

"Don't worry, honey. Hyundai will take back your car if you lose your job! Let's go. I want a sunroof"

Really, if I buy any other make of car and lose my job won't they take it back too? I think it's called repossesion, but pretty much the same deal.

I guess Hyundai probably won't slap your credit record around but that's bout it.