Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Done Deal

The guy is apparently going through with it. He went and got his presidential picture took. That makes it more official than any dumb oath. Please don't use this image for porn, OK?

Oh, and now that it's all official and everything does that mean David Plouffe can stop asking me for more money? Friggin guy is worse than the Nigerian dude with the cash flow problem. Sent me an email the other day from "Jill Biden" - what the fuck did she do to them that she has to get her named slapped up on the header as punishment?

Damn, enough, you won already.

And you can't seriously think I'm going to donate to get rid of HRC's campaign debt, cause if you do, seriously - you're a bunch of crackheads.

1 comment:

Baywatch said...

i really wish they would stop asking for money already.