Thursday, January 8, 2009

How Do You Look Yourself In The Mirror?

As a result of your - Yes, YOUR - failure to spend money on anything but gruel and Campbell's soup this past holiday season, Christmas next year has been cancelled. It will be replaced by reruns of The Waltons.

This is all your fault.


Blaize said...

You know how at the beginning of the Waltons, a moving color image would turn into a still color image and then would turn into a sepia photograph? My sister and I called that process "Waltonizing." Then another show (it might have been Trapper John, M.D.) had a photograph turn into a moving image, and my sister and I called that "de-Waltonizing."

Neither of those things is as funny as the time my sister made a new label for the rubber cement. It was very nicely lettered, and said "Booger in a Bottle." She put the jar back in the cupboard and waited for Mom to discover it next time she needed the rubber cement. As I recall, hilarity ensued.

arlopop said...

Now that's nose-stalgia!

Blaize said...

Har har har.