Tuesday, May 27, 2008


A weekend to remember; that's what it was. The weather continued its freaky ways. Where the previous weekend saw temps in the 100's and the first use of AC this year, this weekend we had to go back to the heat. The high temperature on Sunday was 55 degrees, the lowest high ever recorded on the date, which beat the previous record low high by 13 degrees. Add to that the beauty of rain, lots of rain. Here in Cali we see no precip from April to November. Oh sure, we might get a little sprinkle or even the rare, but not unheard of, thunderstorm during that six months, but mostly it's dry. It rained all day on Sunday, a good steady rain.

All that crumminess made for indoor activities. A cabinet in the laundry room, hung forty years ago with 16 penny nails from the rafters, collapsed on Friday. No one was under it, fortunately but I got to spend Saturday rehanging it. It is large and heavy. Two neighbors held it while I drove six inch screws. It required some effort to get them in. In the process of pushing with the drill I hurt my wrist. The next morning the wrist would not move, or rather it would move but it was excruciating to do so. I visited the urgent care ( I have my own chair in the waiting room now) and, viola, dislocated wrist and sprain. It's feeling better now and I'm grateful it wasn't broken, but it was just one more indication that I should have climbed into bed on January 1st and stayed there for the duration.

The weather is looking up and I'm learning to do things left-handed, so a reason to smile... I guess.

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