Friday, May 30, 2008

Show and Tell

"Daddy, Daddy, come look. I peed!" That is the phrase I have heard for nearly a month now. The Boy's pride in the accomplishment should not be diminished. He regularly disappears into the bathroom and does his job. It takes little prompting or reminding from us anymore - he's a self-starter in that respect. But after a month of wandering in to see his urine I'm losing my interest. "Yep, you peed. Good job, little man," is my standard response. It feels like a line. My wife and I are to the point where we flip a coin to see who gets the privilege.

It isn't just that we're expected to look upon his waste with awe every time, but also the fact that his announcements are delivered naked from the waist down, on a dead run. That is his process: pee, jump off, race to get us, show off his achievement, flush. It has a ritual quality now, like carving the Thanksgiving bird or hanging the stockings Christmas eve. Every 2 hours or so, another holiday.

I'm sure this phase will end soon... right?


Anonymous said...

I love your passion, kid. Don't get upset over your old man's lack of enthusiasm. He's just jealous because its so easy for you and at his age, well, it ain't.

That guy from the Avodart commercials who works on the miniature movie sets.

margaritagirl said...

The Boy takes after his grandmother who announce her need to pee quiet frequently.

Steve said...

I still call mom and dad every time.